Stainless Steel meets colour: Light Gold, Black, Copper and Bronze. Five different colours to choose, available in the elegant polished or refined brushed finishes.

Could you paint marble? No, because it is naturally beautiful. 

It is the same for Stainless Steel, which has never been coated because its natural corrosion resistance derives from the chrome oxides thin layer. It generates by contact with oxygen, present in the air and water, and it protects steel from external agents. In the bathroom, new trends lead to black, light gold, bronze and copper coloured objects… The only to satisfy this demand without jeopardizing corrosion resistance and product longevity is PVD (“Physical Vapour Deposition”), that increases the resistance to acid and basic solutions, solvents, scratches and pinpricks, while obtaining at the same time different shades (Black, Light Gold, Bronze, Copper). Everything without compromising the Stainless Steel self-healing properties, or rather the capacity of independently restore the chrome oxide layer, which makes it resistant to corrosion.

Coloured, but only Stainless Steel.


This innovative technology originates in the aerospace field and consists of thin metallic films on steel surfaces. 

The process takes place in vacuum rooms, where metals like chrome, zirconium and titanium are vaporized. 

As a result of an electric field, the metallic vapours settle and condense on the outer layers, producing the requested finish. 

It is a physical process that gives to superior component qualities compared to common finishing and coating processes like chemical or elettro-chemical galvanic treatments.

Moreover, PVD is a low environmental impact technology and it enables us to obtain non-toxic and non-allergenic surfaces, suitable for sanitary and food applications.