An oasis made of water, glass, and steel.

A cosy space for fully restoring your body and mind wellbeing. The shower enclosure according to Calibe is the natural place for a time entirely devoted to yourself, where everything is about protection and comfort.

Materials are bright and light, yet safe, like tempered glass and stainless steel. Aesthetics is essential, and perfectly blends in with your bathroom. Details cater for easy maintenance and hygiene: the pleasure of an impeccable shower enclosure, and more time on your hands.

Leak Free


Total clean and hygiene

International Leak free patent, which eliminates all contact points between the enclosure and the shower tray.

The innovative Leak free system separates the enclosure from the tray, preventing bacterial load, mildew and limescale build up in parts that are usually difficult to clean. Also avoid use of silicone and guarantees total hygiene.

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