Stainless steel, a unique choice

The name Calibe draws inspiration from the ancient Calibi people, the precursors of the iron industry and steel processing, after whom, it seems, even “Excalibur”, King Arthur’s legendary sword.

Since then, stainless steel has been one of the leading materials of the modern age. From state-of-the-art buildings to home and outstanding restaurant kitchens, from medical facilities to oil rigs and shipyards.

Calibe has chosen it as sole material for its shower enclosures.

Three times more elastic than aluminium, yet resistant, sturdy and undeformable over time, it is suitable for framing glass plates with thin, perfectly watertight, mouldings.

With its flexibility, endurance to the most typical uses, high hygiene standards, and resistance to extreme environmental conditions, steel makes the perfect bathroom dweller, 1600° precision casting bent with 200-ton presses a blend of craftsmanship and industry, nature and technology.

Each new shape is a conquest, clean and precise – or soft and sinuous- geometries, supported by a constantly neat and essential language. The perfect metal for achieving the sophisticated and minimal look of Calibe Shower enclosures.