Water, crystal and stainless steel expertly managed with Made in Italy Design

Bologna, is well established in the district where Italian engineering skills excel. Such creativity, along with made in Italy values, backs the company’s design philosophy:

  • Imagination and concreteness
  • Painstaking care for detail
  • Sense for beauty
  • The whole supported by great flexibility

Wich puts Calibe in the position to carry out major Contract orders, or to devise unique made-to-measure models to suite private dwellings and spaces. A cosy space for fully restoring your body and mind wellebeing. The shower enclosure accordind to Calibe the natural place for a time entirely devoted to yourself, where everything is about protection and comfort.

  • Materials are bright and light, yet safe.
  • Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel
  • Aesthetics is essential in our modern shower enclosures
  • Perfectly blends in with your modern bathroom
  • Details cater for easy maintenance and hygiene


Italian Creativity

Mirror glass endowing shower enclosures with contemporar yarchitecture momentum. Made-to-measure shapes that perfectly fit in the trickiest spaces. Imternational patents like arbataxmove, for electronic opening shower enclosures taken from home automation, and leak free®, the innovative system designed for easy cleaning and hygiene. Each collection boasts a technological innovation or an aesthetic solution to meet new requirements and lifestyles.

Sustainable Design

Each single Calibe Shower enclosure is designed bearing in mind sustainability, and avoiding waste. Timeless shapes and production methods with a low environmental impact. A design philosophy with an eye for the present and the future. Also materials are reliable, eco-friendly, and endlessly recyclable glass tempered used in the purest and finest 6 and 8 mm versions, and a selection of the noblest stainless steel alloys. This type of metal is water and moisture-resistant and, unlike alluminium and brass, does not required surface finishing with polluting industrial treatments.